Holiday Popup Part Dos: Etkie + SilverInjun

Tuesday at the Brew Hall from 5-8pm, join us for our second Holiday Popup at Bow & Arrow Brew Hall featuring Etkie and Silver Injun!


"At Etkie, we believe beauty is in the process. Inspired by the landscape and culture of the Southwest, we collaborate with Native American artisans in New Mexico to create handmade jewelry that infuses traditional techniques with modern design."

Silverinjun Jewelry Arts 

"As a young Native American Artist, I am challenged to create art on my own terms. There are many stereotypes about Native Americans and Native American art and my work is often misunderstood for not looking ” Indian” or “Native”. This is why I have decided to create a new line of sculptural jewelry, titled facetiously, ” silverinjun”.

I draw inspiration from my heritage, Picuris and Dine (Navajo) and French and of course the opulence of American culture. This combination reflects the style of my newest works.

It is important to act your culture and traditions and to be expressive as an individual."



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