Special 4-part Pale Ale Series

We are always dreaming up fun new ways to feature our beers and provide a learning opportunity for our customers as they embark on their craft beer journeys. This time around, we found it interesting to brew up a set of rotating Pale Ales to explore the adventurous boundaries of balancing various hops and unique malts. To date, we've released 2 of the 4 beers, "Dust Up" and "Bison Eye Rye". "Dust Up", is a cloudy pale ale, that showcases caramelized wheat, an abundant amount of earthy forest hops and finishes crisp and snappy. It is unfiltered, untamed, yet friendly to consume. This past Monday we released "Bison Eye Rye", an unfiltered rye pale ale, crafted with a healthy dose of toasted rye malt and a bodacious amount of New Zealand hops. Its tropical aromas of melon and pineapple are balanced with a touch of sweet honey and a refreshing snap due to the mix of bittering hops and rye. It is unfiltered, adventurous and crushable. Coming up, the final two beers in the series will be a wild rice pale ale, featuring a rich earthiness and will be the highest IBU beer of the series, followed by a Belgian red hybrid pale ale, which will involve a dueling yeast profile with yeasts of Belgian origin and classic clean American yeast.  

We are saving a keg of each of the beers so be sure to come back and see us to vote when we re-release all 4 beers and cast your vote! We'll offer a Pale Ale Series flight of the 4 beers. Flight purchasers will vote on their favorite. The winning beer will be brewed a final time for your maximum enjoyment. Cheers and always aim for adventure, friends!


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